Meet Angela

Angela Klaus is a portrait photographer located in the gorgeous suburb of Ladysmith., VA.  Nestled between Richmond, VA and Fredericksburg, VA she is known as a fine art portrait photographer.

Angela attended both the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Germanna Community College. Angela majored in Fashion Design and Art which comes thru her images and photography.

Angela studied photography in high school and in a photo studio in her early career. She also learned about color and editing thru a photo developing studio to sharpen her skills. 

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Angela is the mother of two boys, a 14 year old and 7 year old. Yes, 6 1/2 years apart! Angela is blessed with her family life and loves Jesus, family, dragonflies and peonies. In her spare time she enjoys music, movies and crafting.

Angela believes that everything happens for a reason and life is about embracing the good and the bad. She is a girl who follows her heart and her instincts.

Angela loves the beach and plans on retiring there a long time from now!  


The mark of a good photographer is one whose work grows and changes over time. A photographers hope is that her images are loved by clients and fans. The mark of a truly talented and skilled photographer is that she has had her work recognized by publications and professional organizations. Angela excels in both of these areas, as she possesses not only a dedicated fan base but has also been recognized by industry leaders by earning awards in professional competitions.

In 2017 Angela earned 2 Bronze Awards, then in 2018 she earned 9 Bronze Awards from The Portrait Masters Awards for her portrait artistry. Angela strives to grow and learn and in 2019 earned 17 Bronze Awards. So far in 2020, Angela earned a Gold Award for her image of her mother titled “Fading Memories”.   Angela placed 3rd with a score of 91 of all submissions in the Creative Category. Angela has now earned her Associate Photographer's Accreditation from The Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation. Angela’s images are now being published in Child Couture Magazine and is receiving recognition for her art. Angela takes the art of photography seriously -it's more than a hobby, more than a job, photography is a passion to Angela, and each day she strives to be the best in every way.





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